Variable Data Printing

Give Your Marketing Programs the Personal Touch

Personalized URL
Personalized URL’s (PURLs) increase customer response.

Personalize Your Message for Each Customer

One of the ways to make your marketing materials stand out is to “personalize” your message. Using customer specific information (variable data) in your printed materials creates individual messages that resonate with your prospects and will lead to higher levels of customer engagement.

Variable Data Printing

Variable Data Printing allows you to reach out to your clients in a very personal and direct manner. By tailoring your marketing publication content specifically to the interests of each audience, you will find that readership and customer response increase.

PURLs Offer a Unique Approach

PURLs (personalized web addresses) when used in conjunction with Variable Data Printing are a powerful combination, that not only send a personalized offer, but take advantage of your website’s overall capabilities. For more on how PURL’s can be used to market your business, please give us a call.

High Tech Digital Presses Make This All Possible

Xerox 700 Digital PressHudson Printing’s multi functional digital presses produce print materials that insert client’s names and change blocks of text, colors and graphics. Personalized variable content has been used very effectively on sales postcards, brochures, direct mail pieces and sales handouts.

Shorter Print Runs, Lower Costs

Digital printing technology also makes smaller print runs more affordable while still giving you exceptional print quality. At Hudson Printing & Mailing Services our digital presses feature perfecting, imposition, collating and color management capabilities to insure your first print is as good as the last.


Questions on how to utilize “personalized” printing? Or how to take advantage of our short run capabilities? Just give us a call.

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